Our mission

Hello my name is Jennifer, heart & brain of the DesignFest. Events are my passion! I like going there, but I’d much rather organize my own! Helping other people have a good time is my passion. It doesn’t matter whether at home at a dinner, when planning my children’s birthdays or when it comes to large, public events. My second passion is the beautiful things in life. I love well-designed, special, individual products in my closet, kitchen or living room. When I discover the very special lamp, the first side table or the extravagant tapestry on my many travels, my heart begins to beat faster with excitement. Then my eyes light up and I know immediately that the part is meant for me!

With the DesignFest I am now realizing a very personal dream. I want to reinvent the trade fair format! I know many people out there who are enthusiastic about unique interiors, lucky DIY projects, sustainable beauty products or unusual food offers. My friends and family celebrate & encourage a diverse lifestyle but the word fair makes them all cringe. They would rather stay at home than squeeze their way through crowded, poorly ventilated halls with a flea market character and lousy catering!

That should change! We want to create an event experience that fits our lifestyle today! We want an open, colorful atmosphere, we want music, cool products from independent small labels, but also new products from our favorite international brands. We want to talk to our Instagram idols, learn how to make trendy macrame hanging baskets in exciting workshops, watch cool DJs make music and enjoy the most delicious and freshly prepared superfood in inspiringly staged lounges.

And that is exactly what the DesignFest is! Fresh, young, innovative and guaranteed to be different! We look forward to you!

Your Jennifer,

Director DesignFest